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The St. Moritz Sailing Club, founded in 1941, developed quickly as one of the most popular sailing and windsurfing locations in Europe because of the region’s legendary “Maloja wind”. Since its foundation, the Club has organized numerous regattas, as well as Swiss-, Europe- and World-Championships for jolly boats, catamarans and small yachts.

St. Moritz’s small lake hosts regattas not only for dinghys but also hosts the St. Moritz Matchrace which is part of the Alpari World Match Racing Tour, the official World championship of Match Racing. With its length of 1.6 kilometers and width of 600 meters, the lake demands high technical know-how and experience in quick turning maneuvers. Moreover, the spectators can comfortably watch the regattas from the shore. The lake of St. Moritz is an extraordinary sailing location on 1768 meters above sea level!

The St. Moritz Sailing-Club incorporates a restaurant, facilities for the sailors, a shipyard and a sailing school. Boats like lasers, blu 26 and catamarans are available for hire. On the lake’s shore, with a ramp for easy accessibility, you will find 60 places for small boats and 23 places at the quai.