Beryl Pieper

General committee member

My grandfather was one of the founding members of the Sailing Club St.Moritz and my father was for several years board member. With this backgound it was pretty obvious for me and my siblings that we would learn to sail (Optimist) on the lake of St.Moritz. This was over 30 years ago. Since then I’m a passionate sailor and used to sail with my father on a 5.5 and nowadays I’m sailing with my own family either on a Lacustre on the lake of Zurich or on the clubboat on the lake of St.Moritz.  But overall I definitely engage more in the sailing sport when I’m not in the water and this in various functions: I handle back office and administrational tasks, help capture data at regattas on the lake of Silvaplana, I operated for almost two years in the sponsoring of the Alinghi in Valencia. Furthermore I helped organizing the St.Moritz Match Race and I support my husband ,who is a professional sailer, at races wherever I can.

The Sailing Club St.Moritz is part of my childhood and of my life and I’m proud to be part of the board and to contribute to the club life oft he SCStM.