Invitation to General Assembly


Invitation to the General Assembly oft he Sailing-Club St.Moritz on Saturday 3rd March, 2018 at 6pm.

Location: Clubhouse, Restaurant Pier 34, Via Grevas 34, 7500 St.Moritz


  1. Welcome
  2. Election of the Vote counter(s)
  3. Minutes of the General Assembly 4th March 2017 (members receiverd password by email)
  4. Annual report (president, regatta activity, juniors-chairman, boathouse)
  5. Financials
    • Annual financial statement
    • Balance as per 31.12.2017
    • Audit report
    • Approval oft he auditor’s actions
    • Annual contributions
    • Budget 2018
  6. Personnel
    • Mutations
    • Elections
  7. Annual and Regatta Programmes 2018
  8. Miscellaneous and questionnaire (Haldemann Kanne)
  9. Next General Assembly: 2nd March 2019, 18.00 in the Clubhouse St.Moritz

Following the General Assembly there will have an apéro amd dinner together in the Clubhouse.

The SCSTM is treating the members tot he apéro. Please let us latest by Thusday 28th February 2019  know if you will participate in the dinner. You can send your registration directly to inkeeper Roberto Giovanoli by email ( or call him by phone : 081 833 14 10.

The committee is looking forward to your participation and dinner.

With sailors greetings

Marco Danuser, President Sailing Club St.Moritz

All agenda details were sent seperately tot he members by email.

The members have received the password for last years protocol by email. If members have not received it, please get in touch with us and send an email to