Invitation to the General Assembly

Invitation to the 79th Ordinary General Meeting of the Sailing Club St. Moritz from

Saturday 06 March 2021 at 18.00

Online via Microsoft Teams


  1. Election of the vote counters
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of the protocol of the 78th Ordinary General Assembly of March 07, 2020
  4. Annual reports (president, regatta activities, junior chairman, boathouse)
  5. Finances – Annual report 2020 – Balance sheet as per 31.12.2020 – Auditors’ report – Décharge to the board – Annual contributions – Budget 2021
  6. Personnel (mutations, elections)
  7. Annual and regatta program 2021
  8. Varia and survey (Haldemann Kanne)
  9. Next General Assembly March 2022, 18.00 h in the Clubhouse St.Moritz

The Board looks forward to your participation in this special General Assembly.

With sailing greetings Segel-Club St. Moritz
Marco Danuser, President



Regarding agenda item 3, approval of the minutes of the AGM 2020
The minutes of the AGM of 07.03.2020 were sent out with the invitation.

Regarding agenda item 4, annual reports
The Board continues to refrain from producing a yearbook for cost reasons. For this year’s AGM, the annual reports will be sent out in advance as PDF files. The oral presentation of the reports will be shortened to a summary per department.

Agenda item 5, Finances, annual dues
The board proposes that the annual fees remain the same as last year: Juniors at 100 CHF, Active at 260 CHF (200 CHF for our club and 60 CHF contribution to Swiss Sailing), Passive at 70 CHF and the one-time entry fee for Active at 1’000 CHF.

Regarding agenda item 6, Elections
At the AGM 2020 the following board members were elected for 2 years:
– Marco Danuser (President)
– Nicolas Hauser (Vice President)
– Beryl Pieper (assessor)

The following board members are standing for re-election at the AGM 2021:
– Alexander Aebersold
– Alexander Pieper
– Andreas Kohler
– Curdin Barblan (Finances)

Michael Baumann was elected as auditor for a term of 2 years at last year’s General Meeting. Ueli Looser is available for another two years as auditor.

Participation in the AGM via Microsoft Teams

We recommend downloading the Microsoft Teams app on your laptop or cell phone before the AGM. A cono can also be created right away, but is not required for participation.

On the day of the AGM, you can click on the link in the newsletter.