blu26 Cup St. Moritz

Brilliant bavarian performance: The Engadine winds paid off fort he blu26 Team Sailing Center Racing

The beautiful weather and magnificent scenery made up a very special arena for the 20 crews from Germany, Austria, Montenegro and from Switzerland. These teams met up in St.Moritz fort he 6th Fleet Race Battle in St.Moritz. This time it was not the famous Malojawind who helped the winning team to cross the finising line first – it was volatile wind from the North which helped the Team Sailing Center Racing from Bavaria to their brilliant performance compared to the favorites.

Registration record
On Friday evening a nice joint dinner took place and it was a great occasion for all teams to get to know eachother or see eachother again. For the regatta six blu26 were used, which were provided by the organization committee.The regatta committee, which was lead by Marc Knöpfel, did a great job in the execution and implementation of reliable rotation modus to ensure fair sailing conditions for all teams.

A strong field
The race dynamic up-and-down races were a great spectacular for the visitors. During the two days 19 races took place. Haeiko Flach from the jury confirmed: « all teams were sailing in a fair manner. Breach of rules instantly resulted in a penalty and did not hinder the racing flow.

Brilliant Bavarian Performance
The field was made up of a great field: many national and international teams participated, local teams which knew the lake very well and a lot of ambitious teams. This mix of teams promised an exciting race. With a brilliant performance the young sailing team Center Racing from Tegernsee made the race and brought the trophy back home to Germany.

The blu26 Calss is thanking all the helpers and sponsors and especially the Sailing Club St.Moritz for the generous hospitality fort he blu26 St.Moritz Cup 2017.

St. Moritz, 20 August 2017, report by C. Zuber