1st Day oft he Sailing Season 2018

Update: Short report about the first day onf sailing in 2018

We were very pleased of having 16 boats at the frist day of sailing. The weather and the atmosphere amongst participants and visitors was great. Weh ad to wait until 14.30 o’clock until the maloja-wind helped beating the north flow.  In the afternoon weh ad great wind condition.

Simone, Fabrizio and a crew made u pof juniors won the race on a blu26. Roman, a junior who sailed on a laser, made it second. Andreas Kohler was on the third place. Fadri Baumann who was on an Optimist, made it on the fifth place. In the seperate Optimist ranking Fadri was on the first place.

In the evening everyone enjoyed a very good BBQ from Roberto in the club restaurant.


Dear members

The lake of St.Moritz is now freed from the ice shield and ready for the sailing season. Now the time of our passion has come again and the preparations for this season have already started. The keel boats and built pier are already floating again.

Programme 16th June 2018
12.00 o’clock : Registration for sailing and skipper briefing
14.00 o’clock : 1st start, prize ceremony following the regatta
18.30 o’clock : Apéro in the boathouse (offered by the club)
19.00 o’clock : Joint dinner at the club (please send your registration to the inkeeper Roberto Giovanoli:  food@plan-b.kitchen) or register by phone 081 833 14 10)

Boatclasses: open for all boatclasses
Ranking: ranked after yardstick
Clubboats: please make the reservations and contact Simone ( email to segelschule@scstm.ch)

The sailing takes (only) place on Saturday. On Sunday everyone can make his own programme.  We hope that many members will make it to the first sailing event of this year. This is one of the most beautiful ways to start the season!

Sailors Greetings,
Marco Danuser, President SCStM