The St. Moritz Sailing Club, founded in 1941, developed quickly as one of the most popular sailing and windsurfing locations in Europe because of the region's legendary "Maloja wind". Since its foundation, the Club has organized numerous regattas, as well as Swiss-, Europe- and World-Championships for jolly boats, catamarans and small yachts. Regattas with up to 40 participating boats are hosted on lake St. Moritz. Larger events are hosted on lake Silvaplana during our regatta week in August.


Lake St. Moritz 2017
17 - 18 June RC-Yacht Regatta
30 June - 02 July Longtze Alps Trophy St. Moritz
22 - 23 July 3rd International esse750-Regatta
19-20 August blu26 Cup St. Moritz
01 - 03 September Sailing Champions League Act 2 St. Moritz

Lake Silvaplana 2017
22 - 26 August
International Swiss Championship of the Finn class       Ausschreibung (Notice of Race)

The following events take place in 2017 as well:

Lake St. Moritz & Lake Silvaplana 2017
08 - 09 July
Swimrun (Lake St. Moritz)
05 - 08 August
Nicola Spirig Triathlon (Lake Silvaplana)
12 August
Regatta of the St. Moritz Rowing Club (Lake St. Moritze